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"Our Mr 11 LOVES LOVES his sheet - he gets a great nights sleep and I don’t have to disturb him unwinding a “normal” sheet from around him each night.  highly recommend"

"5/5 My girl kept waking in the night at 3 1/2y old I purchase a sensory sheet for her I thought what do I have to lose except $50 which I hoped would work and it did! She has been sleeping right through the night blankets don’t fell off her and onto the floor they stay in place all night she is snug doesn’t fall out of bed!

happy child sleeping 12hrs straight means happy parents!"

"Just want to say how amazing this company is! I ordered a calming sheet after seeing this post (Tuesday night) and with the lowest delivery price I’ve paid in ages it arrived this morning (Thursday!) can’t wait for my son to try this tonight!"

"My lovely friend Debbie purchased the tube sheet for my son, he is asd/adhd and has a very severe rhythmic sleep disorder, over the years we have tried so many things to help him sleep, even surgery. this product is a game changer!!! he is getting multiple hours of actual deep sleep for the first time in his 8 years of life. we are beyond thrilled!!"

"Highly recommend my little man loves his sheets as does nana have just purchased another one that he can take away"

Sensory Haven 4 Kids also do weighted blankets, they are a bit more pricey being 100% cotton but I have one for my son and it is very good quality. It has been washed at least 2x a month, sometimes more and still looks brand new.

"Hi there .I just wanted to Thankyou for my sons Wilson weighted lap dog we just received it before .he absolutely loves it .I’m so glad there is som where in New Zealand finerly to get sensory stuff for my 7 year old son. I was so glad it turned up today as he hasn’t been having a good day I no this dog is gonna help calm him really well . I will definitely be getting more stuff off you at some stage .Thanks again"

My son 7yrs old has autism and nights have been awful now he happily snuggles into bed at 7pm and is sound asleep within half an hour and sleeping all night I can't rave enough about them

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