Weighted Lap Pad - Blue & Pink

Weighted Lap Pad - Blue & Pink


Blue Lap Pad Weighted at  approx  2.3 Kgs

Size 50cms x 52cms


Pink Weighted at approx 1.3kg

Size 50cs x 52cms


Lap pads provide deep pressure touch. When your kids love their weighted blankets but its not easy to take places you need one of these. A mini version of the blanket, portable and discreet. Easy to take anywhere, even to school.  


People who experience sensory overload and sensory sensitivity use this product. It helps to eliminate feelings of restlessness and can calm, ground, self soothe and provide distraction.


Weighted lap pads are sensory tools that promote regulation, calming, and refocusing. Lovely soft fabric for that soothing tactile feel.


Children use weighted lap pads to support calm at dinner time, going on a car or bus ride, travelling by plane, at hairdressers, when shopping and sitting at school on the mat or at a desk. Uses are numerous. 


Made from super soft mink polyester fabric.

Non toxic glass pellets, hypoallergenic, odourless and ecofriendly.


Note: Not to be used if there is lack of muscle strength or co-ordination.