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View of black spikey massage ball

Spikey Massage Ball


These Spikey Massage Balls are super textured tactile balls. Their conical spikes provide sensory stimulation ideal for sensory play and massage. helping to stimulate tactile awareness, blood circulation and sensory receptors. Can be used many different ways such as body massages, yoga, fitness and sensory integration therapy. Our Sensory Massage Balls encourage crawling and co-ordination in the young, and exercise and sensory stimulation in all other ages.  Due to their firm nature, hard massage balls are excellent for trigger point therapy. They can penetrate deeper into the muscle tissue, relieving tension in trigger points and tight muscles that are often the source of pain. They are also great at providing targeted pressure to release tight muscles, improve blood flow, and promote muscle recovery.


Non toxic

Excellent tool for massages

Aids relief for muscle tightness

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