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Weighted Blanket Child's 3.2kg

Weighted Blanket Child's 3.2kg


Beautiful Soft 100% Cotton Weighted Blanket.
Weighted at 3.2kg
Measurements 154cms x 105cms


Want something that supports your childs (and your own) sleep?

According to The Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders, a weighted blanket can increase comfort, deliver a better quality of sleep, and help children feel more secure in their beds. In turn this lead to a better quality of sleep, which helps children feel better about themselves and their world.


When children are well-rested, they are more confident, more positive, and more able to deal with setbacks during the day. Parent's also get a better nights sleep.


The same article also reveals that children who use a weighted blanket move around less while they sleep and report calmer sleep. With these blankets, children can get deeper sleep for longer. In deep sleep, the muscles of your body completely relax, which makes you feel rested. Better, deeper sleep helps you wake up more refreshed


A weighted blanket should weigh between 7-12% of your body weight. Taking into account child's preference re liking heavier or lighter.


100% Cotton 

7 Layers for comfort
Breathable and super soft
Glass bead filling, high density and eco friendly

Not for use for under three years of age



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