Single 4.5kg Weighted Blanket

Single 4.5kg Weighted Blanket


Weighted Blanket

Single Size

122cms x 198cms

4.5 kg (Weight is evenly distributed)

Deep touch pressure stimulationWeighted blankets are said to work in the same way a tight swaddle helps newborns feel snug and cozy.


100% Cotton 
Breathable and super soft
Glass beads filling, High density and Eco friendly
Seven layers for comfort

Colour: Blue and White Stripe

Not for under 3's


Signs Your Child May Respond to a Weighted Blanket:

  • Loves sleeping or laying under piles of blankets or heavy comforters.
  • Enjoys crawling into tight spaces or behind furniture
  • Has difficulty (even after a lot of physical activity) relaxing and sitting still
  • Likes wearing heavy sweatshirts and sweaters

Signs Your Child May Not Respond to a Weighted Blanket:

  • Is tactile defensive (very sensitive to touching different textures)
  • Does not like sleeping or laying under blankets

Of course, these lists are not absolute and aren’t guaranteed. If your child is old enough, I’d show them pictures of one online and explain what it is and how it feels. Ask if they think it would help them. Kids are often very tuned into their needs and will give honest answers.