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Sensory Canvas Pod Swing

Sensory Canvas Pod Swing


Sensory Canvas Pod Swing


Swinging develops the sense of balance & body perception. It also brings a feeling of well-being & relaxation. Children will love to curl up inside this cozy Pod Swing Chair that provides  warmth and safety. They can easily tuck themselves inside to read, play or take a nap.


Perfect for children  of all ages, but they are especially helpful for children who have unique sensory input needs. They are designed for children ages 3 and up.


Comes with removeable inflatable cushion and hardware required to attach inside or out. Can use bike pump or compressor to inflate (not included).

The swing has a weight limit of 75kg


100% Canvas Cotton Swing. 

Installation Instructions

Step 1. Locate a beam, minimum 4cms wide and
an area with 1 metre radius from any objects.

Step 2. Use base plate provided to mark holes on the beam
Screw base plate to beam (Or alternatively us the large eye hook)

Step 3. Connect carabiner to plate, thread rope through swing and carabiner and adjust length

Step 4. Tie knot securely and swing away.


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