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Drawstring bag with different tactile fidgts

Fidget Squish Tactile Bag


A fidget squish tactile bag containing a fabulous collection of fidgets in a portable drawstring bag.


Ultra  moldable , squishy relaxing  fidget stress toys

Engage the senses with squeezable, stress relieving, tension and pressure relief tools.  


Comes with:

Squidopop - suction it down and peel it off

Squishable Moochies - packet of 3

Slime x 2

Coloured Clay x 3

Zipper Bracelet x 1

Crystal Gel Balls - 2 packets - submerge these little colorful beads in water and wait as they slowly expand into glorious globules. Once fully grown, they feel wet even when they aren't, so they are great for mess-free sensory play! 

Stretchy Strings x 4

Spikie Bracelet

Tactile Ring

Tube Marble


Almost everyone fidgets at one time or another. Fidgeting is a way to use movement to help concentrate; sometimes it helps us with nervous energy.” “For those with ADHD or autism, fidgets are even more important.


Not for under 3's


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