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Rainmaker Shaker

Rainmaker Shaker

Bring the soothing sound of rain into your home with the Rainmaker, a simple yet effective sensory product. This handheld device features a clear tube filled with tiny beads that mimic the sound of rain falling when tipped from one end to the other. Whether you're looking to create a calming atmosphere for meditation or simply want to add a relaxing touch to your space, the Rainmaker is the perfect solution. Its compact size makes it easy to use on the go, and the gentle sound it produces is sure to help you unwind after a long day. Add the Rainmaker to your sensory collection and enjoy the peaceful ambiance it brings to any environment.


What's more relaxing than the sound of rain? The sound of a soothing rainmaker! Simply turn, roll or shake the Rainmaker and watch as your little ones become engaged by the relaxing sounds of a rain storm.

Product Details

Suitable for ages 3+ years

Includes only 1 x rainmaker toy

40cms(H) x 5cm (Dia.)

Material: Thermoplastic rubber (TPR)


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