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Front view of elastic stretchy rope

Rainbow Stretchy Stretch

Rainbow Elastic Stretchy Stretch Rope's are a fun inclusion to indoor our outdoor play. The Stretchy ropes encourage vestibular (movement) and proprioceptive (deep pressuretouch) input simultaneously, making them a great tool to support regulation. The ropes will add fun to physical activity including tug-of-war, or co-operative group play such spacing in circle time. 

The Rainbow Elastic Stretchy Rope is recommended: 

  • To provide vestibular and proprioceptive input to support regulation
  • Assist in developing gross motor skills including core stability, flexibility, coordination, agility and body awareness 
  • As a movement break 
  • As a fun addition to a sensory space or home 
  • 3+ years 


Size: 2m. 

Soft flannel fabric

Double elastic for additional strength

* Please note; colour combinations of the product will vary slightly *

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