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Children's sensory pod swing hung outside with child relaxing in it

Sensory Lycra Pod Swing

 Great swing for inside or outside environment.  Whether you hang it from the ceiling or outside on a beam  or  from a tree

Relax read a book, listen to music or just swing. 

Swinging develops the sensory system, strenthens ear balance and calm nerves and anxiety.

The swing motion strengthens the vestibular and proprioceptive systems by teaching the brain and body  to work together

Our sensory pod swing is a great calming tool for children

Material- Polyester Cloth

Size 115cm -  width 60cms

Colour- Blue (may have either green or blue trim)

Weight capacity -68 kg

Comes with 

1x connecting rope

1x Carabiner

1x inflatable cushion (white) Can use bike pump or compressor to inflate (not included)



    Only 9 left in stock
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