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Peanut Exercise Ball

Peanut Exercise Ball


Peanut balls can provide many benefits to your children.  They can help to develop and build gross motor skills, bilateral coordination, core muscle strength, postural stability, balance and much more. The unique design allows the child to balance as they roll and build up their core strength.


They can be used for deep pressure sensory activities to calm and allow the child to focus. The shape of the peanut ball effectively means it can only roll in one direction, allowing balance and strengthening work to be performed but in a more predictable and safer way. They are a lot of fun.


Our peanut ball  is  anti burst, however this does not mean they are indestructible!  The ball can still puncture but will release the air slowly if this does happen.


The peanut ball has  a small foot pump included. Can be pumped up with a bicycle pump or compressor.


Comes with a plastic tool as pictured to remove valve if required.

The size of the peanut ball is 88cmx 50cms approx

70kg Weight Limit

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