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injection being given into a childs arm using a shot blocker

No More Tears Shot Blocker


(Link To Video )


Great for children and adults who have a fear/anxiety around needles.

Bionix shot blocker is a unique device that makes immunisations and other minor injections a less painful experience.


Shot Blocker works immediately, the contact points on the underside saturates the sensory nerves and distracts the patient from the pain signals caused by the needle poke.


No waiting for topical anesthetics to take effect.


Is reusable  - can be used multiple times just wash with warm soapy water when required.


Easy to use - Just press shotblocker firmly over the injection site and administer the shot straight away through the opening.


Versatile, can be used for home injections or take with you to the doctor or pharmacist.


Cost benefits as it is less costly than anesthetic creams or freezing sprays, faster too.


Paediatrician designed, invented by a pediatrician to lessen the pain and anxiety experienced by patients, especially children.


Made in the U.S.A

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