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Newtons Cradle Balls

Newtons Cradle Balls


Newton’s cradle is a device consisting of five hanging metal balls. When a ball is pulled up and out and then released, it falls back and collides with the other balls making a loud click. The clicking sound recurrs as the balls hit into each other. This recurring sound helps to develop children's focus.


It is often used as a stress relief with the rhythmic motion of the metal balls helping to calm and focus.


It also demonstrates two very important and fundamental laws of physics, namely the law of conservation of momentum and the law of conservation of energy.


How does Newton's Cradle show the laws of motion?

Newton's cradle demonstrates the third law of motion. When one of the balls is lifted and released, it strikes the remaining stationary balls and sends force through all of them to push the ball on the other end away.


Measures 9cms x 9cms.

Has small parts, keep away from young children.


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