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view of lots of mini tumblers being held in two hands

Mini Tumblers - Set of Twenty

Introducing our Mini Tumblers. These little tumblers are designed to provide a fun and soothing tactile experience, making them great for fidgeting and sensory stimulation. The small size makes them easy to grip and manipulate, and the smooth, rounded edges ensure a safe play experience. Made from high-quality materials, these Mini Tumblers are durable and long-lasting, perfect for easing stress and anxiety in all ages. Put them all on a flat surface and watch them wobble around.  Whether you’re looking for a discreet fidget toy for work or a calming sensory tool for relaxation, our Mini Tumblers are the ideal choice. Add a pop of tactile fun to your day with these adorable and versatile Mini Tumblers!


Come in a calico drawstring bag.

Recommended for over the age of 5.

    Only 3 left in stock
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