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Blue lycra sensory swing hung outside with child swinging

Sensory Swing - Lycra - Blue, Green & Black


Our Lycra sensory swing is the perfect swing if your child loves big hugs, crawling into small spaces, and tight clothes. The stretchy fabric envelopes a child and, besides being able to swing in it and get loads of vestibular sensations, they will also get lots of calming proprioceptive input from the fabric pushing against their body.


Suspend from your ceiling, beam, doorway or swing frame. The swing twists and turns 360 degrees while children climb, challenging muscle strength and gross motor skills. The rhythmic swing motion can stimulate their sense of balance and encourages development. Children with autism often find this type of swing comforting, with its wrapping, gentle swinging and spinning all in one. 


These swings also give kids a place to retreat and escape any bright lights or other overwhelming stimuli in the environment. Children can stand, sit or lay down in this swing, bounce, sway, or be pushed to swing back and forth. A fabulous quiet space if they need some time out.


Our swings come with all the hardware required to hang inside or out and instructions on how to hang it. Door bars are available to purchase separately if required.


Recommended Age 3+ and maximum weight 80kg.

Use with adult supervision.





Can be installed inside, outside or in a doorway
Swing bar may be purchased from us separately

Step 1. Locate a beam, minimum 6cms wide and
an area with 1 metre radius from any objects.

Step 2. Use base plate provided to mark holes on the beam
Use a 12mm drill bit and drill   a hole into the wood. Insert the sleeved bolts into the wood with the threaded ended exposed

Step 3. Place the plate through the threaded bolt and attach the washers and tighten the nut up.

Step 4. Connect carabiner to plate, thread rope through swing and carabiner and adjut length

Step 5. Tie knot securely and swing away.

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