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Educational Jigsaw Ball

Educational Jigsaw Ball



This is a fabulously fun educational ball. Something you can challenge your child to put this back together. Its not easy but it has been done. 


Pull it apart and have fun putting it together again. You are able to make 3 different balls from the pieces. Also able to be used as a money box. 


The youngest child so far that has been able to complete this is 9 years of age. Let us know how you go.


These balls  offer the  opportunity  to help children develop problem solving skills. They provide visual stimulation while calming them as they work at putting the pieces together. 


Studies have shown that doing  puzzles can improve cognition and visual-spatial reasoning. The act of putting the pieces of our building ball together requires concentration, improves short-term memory and develops problem solving skills.


Putting the bigger ball back together may require adult help.


Children will have fun solving this puzzle and putting our building ball  back together. Ages 9 plus.


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