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Fidget Rings

Fidget Rings


Fidget rings work on the same principals as fidget spinners, a fidget toy is designed in a way that allows users to rotate or spin the object between their fingers.


The goal of both items is to help alleviate anxiety by getting you to focus on the ring, or the sensation the ring is making on your finger and not whatever idea, task or situation is causing you anxiety or stress. 


Our anxiety rings are going to allow you to be incognito. Nobody is going to know what you’re doing, whereas a fidget spinner is a little harder to be discreet.


These sensory fidget rings are slightly spikey and are sometimes used as acupressure rings. Acupressure, which operates in similar ways to acupuncture, does not puncture the skin, but instead applies pressure to certain points. In the case of these rings, the spikiness stimulates various parts of your fingers. The sensation created is something people either love or hate.


Random colours selected.

Not for the under 3's


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