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Blue sensory swing with child relaxing in it

Sensory Double Layered Cotton Swings


Material - 95% Cotton 5% Spandex

Holds weight up to 80 kgs

Available in Dark Blue or Duck Egg Green

Comes with hardware required to hanginside or outside

Doorway bars can be purchased separately if required.


Our swing is made out of a beautifully soft double layer, two coloured cotton spandex fabric and is fully reversible.


 Kids love to curl up inside this cosy space that provides warmth and safety.

This multi functional swing encourages movement and exercise. It can be used as a place to swing to your hearts content, chill out, relax or wear off some energy by stretching and bouncing.   


  • Swinging requires whole body awareness so this can help child process information, and  develop fine motor skills needed for writing, colouring, cutting and manipulating objects.
  • Swinging assists in the development of postural stability , which is essential for tying shoes, buttons, pouring drinks, and washing hands.
  • The rhythmic motion of swinging relaxes a child and calms them down.


Perfect for children of all ages and great for children that have unique sensory needs. This is a must have resource for your home,  school or clinic.

Comes with drawstring bag for easy storage. 




Can be installed inside, outside or in a doorway
(Doorbar can be purchased seperately if required)

Step 1. Locate a beam, minimum 4cms wide and
an area with 1 metre radius from any objects.

Step 2. Use base plate provided to mark holes on the beam
Use a 12mm drill bit and drill   a hole into the wood. Insert the sleeved bolts into the wood with the threaded ended exposed

Step 3. Place the plate through the threaded bolt and attach the washers and tighten the nut up.

Step 4. Connect carabiner to plate, thread rope through swing and carabiner and adjust length accordingly.

Step 5. Tie knot securely and swing away.


Installation clip to copy and paste if you would like to view video instruction.



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