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Baby Sensory Rabbit Soother

Baby Sensory Rabbit Soother

Soft Rabbit Soother.


Measurements: 46cms x 29cms


Babies learn and develop new connections in their brain through play. Sensory play also helps babies to learn more about the world around them and supports language development as they learn to respond to different stimuli


This little Bunny Baby Comforter is made from muslin designed to provide security and snuggles. Baby can safely explore the textures with hands or mouth interacting with the different textures. These cute new cuddle friends are perfect for young ones, knotted feet make it easy to grasp and are also great for chewing on when baby is teething.


Our range of adorable supersoft and cuddly cotton muslin comforters are the perfect companion. Can also be used to tie dummy to knotted corner so you never lose it!


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