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Aroha Knows

Aroha Knows


by Wilding Books

AUTHOR & ILLUSTRATOR: Rebekah Lipp & Craig Phillips


After two extremely wonder-filled and wonderful books - Aroha's Way and Let It Go - Rebekah Lipp and Craig Phillips are back with Aroha Knows.


This beautiful picture books takes children on a journey through emotions associated with anxiety and shows simple yet effective ways to help manage them.  Aroha shows children a tool that she uses for each emotion which includes; movement or exercise, belly breathing or diaphragmatic breathing, mindfulness and connecting with others and sharing our worries.


At the back of the book, there is a section for parents and/or teachers to explore the tools in more depth.  This section expands on the beautiful poem and opens up conversations with our children. 


Asking questions around those emotions to make it easier for children to recognise the emotion, and then a simple way to manage it.


Suitable for 3 - 12 year olds.

DIMENSIONS: Landscape 210 x 225mm
BIND: Paperback

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