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Single 3.2Kg Weighted Blanket

Single 3.2Kg Weighted Blanket


Weighted Blanket

Single Childs Size

102cms x 152cms

3.2 kg (Weight is evenly distributed)


Weighted blankets have many benefits. The weight of a blanket on different points of the body gives the  sensation of a hug reducing the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) your body produces. The pressure is thought to increase levels of oxytocin, which promotes sleep and relaxation by countering the cortisol. A  weighted blanket can help reduced the amount of time it takes to fall asleep,  you may sleep deeper, and wake up feeling restored. They have been shown to reduce the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety.


The feel of the blanket can soothe your body and lower your heart rate 


100% Cotton 
Breathable and super soft
Glass bead filling, high density and eco friendly
Seven layers for comfort

Colour: Grey

Not for use with the under 3's.





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