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Jumbo Fidget Bag

Jumbo Fidget Bag


Our Jumbo fidget bag contains a selection of our favourite fidgets and comes in our calico drawstring bag. Fun fidgets that you can take anywhere.


When children  engage with fidgets  that are not only fun  but also beneficial it supports  their  every day development. Sensory toys nurture their senses, help them develop motor skills and can help with concentration and focus while keeping their hands busy


By keeping the hands engaged in simple, repetitive motor movements, your child  is able to “tune out” when in a distracting environment. 


 When a child  uses a fidget, they allow their brain to focus on what’s important. It also prevents children from experiencing sensory overload.


Comes with:

Puzzle Ball

Chewable Spikie Braclet

Fidget Spinner

Stretchy Strings x 2

Marble Tube x 1

Zipper Bracelets x 2

Infinity Cube

Tactile Ring


Buy Multiple and Save

Not for the under 3's

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