Weighted Vest - Superman

Weighted Vest - Superman

Weighted Vests

Fabulous Superman Fabric


Quilted Vest

Three velcro pockets along inside back of jacket

Three removable weights

Weights are easily removeable


The pressure of the weight from wearing the vests  helps to calm children. The calming effect is believed to come from the feeling of pressure that the weights give in the vest. This pressure is said to change how children   process sensory information, making them more aware of where their bodies are in space and allowing them to have better control  over their movements.


Weighted vests can promote calm and reduce anxiety assisting  with self regulation.


Come in three sizes


Small          underarm to underarm            36cms

                      length                                             46cms

                      weight                                             .7 kg


Medium    underarm to underarm            40cms

                      length                                              51cms

                      weight                                              1.2kg


Large          underarm to underarm             43cms

                      length                                               57cms

                      weight                                               1.5kg