Child Size 2.3kg Weighted Blanket

Child Size 2.3kg Weighted Blanket

Child Size 'Mini' Weighted Blankets 2.3


Beautiful Soft 100% Cotton Weighted Blanket.

Perfectly sized for a Child's Blanket and weighted at 2.3kg

Measurements 96cms x 121cms.

 Why pay the cost of a full sized blanket when with children you only need a mini.

When your child is emotional and upset, sometimes all they need is a big hug, and it turns out there’s a scientific reason why. It all has to do with proprioceptive input, proprioception informs the brain about your position in space, allowing it to relax and unwind. Our weighted blankets have the same effect. Weighted blankets are said to work in the same way a tight swaddle helps newborns feel snug and cozy.


A weighted blanket should weigh between 7-12% of your body weight. Taking into account child's preference re liking heavier or lighter.


100% Cotton 
Breathable and super soft
Glass beads filling, High density and Eco friendly