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Stretchy Strings - Packet of 3

Stretchy Strings - Packet of 3


One packet of 3 stretchy strings (sometimes called monkey noodles)


Pull, stretch, squash and twist around your fingers for a satisfying sensory input. These stretchy noodles are a great size to pop in your pocket or bag and pull out when you need a fidget to help you focus. Perfect for sensory and tactile stimulation. Children love them.


The strings are 22.5cms in length - stretches out to nearly a metre and then returns to it's original shape


Hypoallergenic, nontoxic, and free of BPAs, Phthalates and latex.

Not suitable for the under 3's

Please supervise use. Do not wrap & restrict blood flow.
Material: thermoplastic rubber

Colours may differ from photo

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