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Slime - Sensory Fun

Slime - Sensory Fun


Sold in tubes or punnets,

The Tubes  - Have glitter already added.

The Punnets - Come with glitter to add.


A fabulous sensory experience. Add glitter and this turns into multi tactile fun. Squeeze it, pull it, stretch it - most children just love the sensation.


Slime can help children get in touch with their senses as they focus on how it feels, sounds, looks, and smells.  Sensory play can also help children to develop  language skills as they interact with their peers. Children;s cognitive abilities develop while processing sensory information which helps to build nerve connections in the brain which encourages their motor skills.


Engaging in creative activities, can help reduce your childs stress and anxiety as they concentrate and focus on tasks while calming  and providing a relaxing distraction.


Comes in a container punnet or tube.

Light-weight, non-dry formula that is always ready to use

Non-toxic, non-sticky 

Not for under 3's

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