Sensory Weighted Pet Elephant - 1kg (approx)

Sensory Weighted Pet Elephant - 1kg (approx)


Our elephant is 33cms tall and his soft, cuddly body is weighted at 1.0 kg to help children feel secure as they hold him. He comes in his own drawstring calico bag.

When the weighted elephant  is held in your  lap it provides deep touch pressure  and decreases the level of cortisol (stress hormone)  for children/adults who experience stress, anxiety or fear on a regular basis.


There is science behind holding a weighted animal. When you hold the elephant against your chest, it gives  the same physical response as getting a hug.When carried & played with, it provides pressure on joints and muscles grounding your child.


Ages 3+ years

Can be cleaned with a damp cloth

Any sign of damage please dispose of.