Sensory Super Stretch Tunnel

Sensory Super Stretch Tunnel

Sensory Super Stretch Tunnel


Super Long at 3.4metres with an opening that is 700cms.

Four Pegs

Drawstring Bag


Made from stretchy lycra it's like sensory yoga for kids. Children love the fun and challenge of getting from one end to the other. Crawling, kneeling and stretching - all of which are important for the mind, muscle and motor skill development in toddlers and children. Fabulous fun and tactile input. More than one child can fit at a time in this bright lycra tube play tent.


  • Calms, Strengthens & Engages. Whether your child needs support for sensory integration or compression for autism, or you want a non-stop play activity for kids of all ages that can work indoors and outdoors, this 12ft x 2.5ft compression long sensory tunnel is your answer! Kids can push a ball or play games through the tunnel. Your child will instantly want the adventure, connection, and peace that comes from hours of sensory tunnel play in tunnel tents for kids.
  • Comes with 4 Pegs so you have the option of pegging it to the ground if you wish.
  • Soft, Stretchable & Washable Fabric: The recommended care is to wash in cold water, and line-dry your tunnel. The silky smooth, but very durable fabric of this lycra tunnel can handle all the pushing and stretching the kids will use, while remaining strong and intact.
  • Stores neatly into its matching drawstring bag: This large tunnel folds easily into its drawstring bag. This makes it easy to store, but also take to family functions, outdoor playtime, or use in various places such as an OT/PT office, or classroom.
  • STURDY STRAPS FOR SAFE PLAY: This tunnel keeps every child safe with its double-sewn and sturdy holding straps. This lycra tunnel sensory can also be used as an occupational therapy tool.
  •  This child sensory tent tunnel will also provide a save haven for children who love to be swaddled and hugged.


From Ages 2 years


Adult supervision is required at all times.