Sensory Swing Lycra

Sensory Swing Lycra

Sensory Swing


Blue Lycra - Comes with hardware to hang. Please Note - the hardware to attach swing to beam etc is the large screw in eye hood (does not come with plate as do our other swings). Hence the reason it is listed in our seconds and samples with a reduced price.


This Swing is great for children to climb in, sit in,  swing in  or just somewhere they can go cosy up and  escape. Whether its used as a quiet cosy place to chill out and relax or as a place to wear off some energy and climb and swing this is a fabulous resource for our sensory kids. 

Suspend from your ceiling, beam, doorway or swing frame. The swing twists and turns 360 degrees while kids climb, challenging muscle strength and gross motor skills. The rhythmic swing motion can stimulate child’s sense of balance and encourage development. Children with autism often find this type of swing comforting, with its wrapping, gentle swinging and spinning all in one. 


We sell swing bars that expand into a doorway space. See our other listings.


Recommended Age 3+ and maximum weight 80kg.

Use with adult supervision.