Queen Sensory Calming Sheets - Cotton

Queen Sensory Calming Sheets - Cotton

Sensory Calming Sheet - 100%  Cotton - Made in NZ

Queen Size (Will fit standard queen size bed - Works best for one person)


Pale Blue and Mint Green


100% Beautifully Soft Cotton 


They work by stretching over the mattress (like a tube). When hopping into bed the sheets provide pressure stretching over you which a lot of children/adults find aids calm and reduces anxiety. They feel like a hug. Because the fabric stretches children can stretch against it, unwinding and calming busy brains. Our sheets don't trap in warmth and they won't fall off. Can be used all year round when weighted blankets may be too hot.

The tube effect of the sheet supports children if they get close to the edge of the bed giving parents the reassurance that they will not fall out. 


Machine Washable


Not For The Under 3's