Pressure Sensory Hug Vests

Pressure Sensory Hug Vests

Pressure Vests

Provides deep, even compression to a child’s torso to calm and bring focus when they crave sensory feedback with Sensory Hugs Compression Tops.

Beautiful quality, interlocking neoprene Colored Deep Pressure Compression Vests with multi-adjustable side AND shoulder velcro closures for custom tailoring the "hugging" effect! These washable compression vests can be a very effective calming self-regulation tool for helping individuals who have sensory processing differences – often producing a focusing, slowing-down effect.


90% Polyamide / 10% Spandex


Size Small Width 32cms x Length 36cms Adjusts up to 36cms x 36cms

And has additional stretch.


Size Medium Width Width 38cms x Length 43cms

Adjusts up to Width 44cms x Length 43cms And has additional stretch.


    $3.50 Couriered/Tracked NZ

    $7.80 Couriered/Tracked Rural Delivery NZ