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Large Dinosaur Chewable Necklace

Large Dinosaur Chewable Necklace

Super cute dinosaur chewable necklace for our smaller chewers.


The cords on these necklaces is adjustable, and comes with a breakaway clasp to prevent accidents.


100% Safe Food Pure Silicone - All the silicone chewable necklaces are safe for kids, Free of any lead, BPA, PVC.  


Safety Warnings


  • No chewie is indestructible. Wear/tear should be expected given the nature of intended use. The length of time they last depends on the intensity and amount of chewing, as well as teeth/Jaw strength, stress/anxiety levels). While for some people a chewie will last forever, for others with heavy/aggressive oral needs, they may go through it very quickly.
  • Due to the sizes of some of the pieces we do not recommend our chewies for under 5's.
  • Please supervise at all times, 
  • Please check the chewie regularl and replace if the item shows signs of wear and tear
  • Some people may chew the clasp and cord, due to this being a choking hazard please discontinue use.
  • If the clasp has been chewed through please do not tie up and use without the clasp. this is a strangulation hazard
  • Do not wear to bed



When you need to wash, rinse with water or soapy water.

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