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Donut Ball

Donut Ball

Introducing our Donut Balance Ball – the playful twist to fitness and fun. This inflatable ball, shaped like a donut, offers a new way to engage both kids and adults in active and healthy fun. With its unique design, it provides stability challenges for workouts and exercises while doubling as a delightful seat for children.

For kids, it’s a comfy and entertaining seat that promotes active sitting, perfect for playtime or learning. Meanwhile, adults can use it for balance training, core workouts, or as an alternative to a chair for an active sitting experience at home or work. Crafted from durable materials and designed for multi-purpose use, our Donut-Shaped Balance Ball isn’t just a fitness accessory – it’s a fun and engaging way to incorporate healthy habits into daily routines for the whole family.


The Donut Balance Ball is made with anti-burst material, and when inflated, this ball measures 30cm high x 50cm diameter.


Comes with foot pump.

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