Resistance Parachutes

Resistance Parachutes


Super fun activity.

When the wind catches the chute it creates resistence and feels like it is trying to stop you running. Fun for children. Great for our sensory seekers.


Great for heavy work (Heavy work is any type of activity that pushes or pulls against the body. These activities can help kids with sensory processing issues feel centered. Heavy work engages a sense called proprioception, or body awareness).


The nylon parachutes attach to a harness around your waist ad then expands as you run and speed up. As the chute expands, it creates drag.


Suitable for up to 12 years of age.

Wide strap velcros around child's waist.

Comes in its own drawstring bag.


Product Material: 190T umbrella cloth.

Product Colour: Rainbow

Product Size: 115*100CM