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Flip It Fidget Spinner 3D

Flip It Fidget Spinner 3D


This 3 Dimensional Fidget Spinner is a fun fidget

Made with three separate circles that turn over and over.


The toy is a small rotating device designed to keep your hands busy and focused. Lightweight enough to carry around in your pocket

A unique and elevated take on traditional fidget toys, the EDC Gyroscope lets you experience true 3D gyroscopic physics.


What is so special about fidget toys?

Experts say that fidget toys can help kids focus, particularly if they struggle with ADHD. That's because the act of fidgeting allows the mind to be still and focus. Fidget toys in general, help kids to  release nervous or restless energy.


Fidget toys can help them calm down when they feel overwhelmed by providing different sensory input. At places like hairdressers or dentist's offices, fidgets can also help individuals by giving them something safe to do or hold with their hands.


This fidget makes no noise so is very discreet at home or at school

Available in 3 different colours.

Not for the under 3's.

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