3 Sided Electric Sensory Toothbrush

3 Sided Electric Sensory Toothbrush


3 Sided Bristle Head

Comes with spare bristle head.

For a super quick quality clean

Comes with x2 toothbrush heads.


1. Insert the brush head vertically into the brush head shaft to join brush together.

2. Wet the brush head and insert the right amount of toothpast on the bristles.

3. Gently put the brush head at the junction of teeth and gums.

4. Press the multi-function button, select the brusing mode, and slightly move the brush head bac        and forth between the teeth.

5. The toothbrush will automatically turn off after 2 minutes of use. There is a pause every 20            seconds promoting you to move to the next teeth area.

6. After use clean the toothbrush head with water and shake off excess.


Mode 1. Cleaning mode

Mode 2. Brightening mode.

Mode 3. Sensitive mode.

Mode 4. Gingival care

Mode 5. Polishing mode.


During normal use the charging indicator light stays on.

When the battery is low the charging indicator light flashes - recharge.

If battery is not recharged the indicator will continue to flash until it turns off.


When charging power indicator light is red, when fully charged the light turns green.


After each charge is complete remove the charger to avoid over heating.