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3 Sided Children's Sensory Toothbrush

3 Sided Children's Sensory Toothbrush


If teeth brushing is challenging, then cut the time needed to do it with these fantastic 3 sided toothbrushes.


Three-sided toothbrushes help solve the problem of not brushing for long enough as well as missing hard-to-reach and neglected areas. Thanks to the design, they ensure you brush the front, back and top evenly. The angled brushes on the sides get all the way down to the gum line.


Brushing for at least three minutes is recommended by dental specialists, however, the typical individual only brushes for 30-60 seconds. Our three sides brushes provide 100 percent to 200 percent more coverage per brushing stroke than comparable toothbrushes.


Perfect for those with sensory issues, or anyone with limited dexterity. Dupont ultra soft rounded bristles, great for sensitive gums.


Suitable for up to 14 years of age

16cms in length


Come in its own toothbrush case.

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